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Deciding which smartphone to buy isn’t as difficult as figuring out how you’ll protect the new device from scratches and bumps. This is false considering smartphone users don’t think much beyond aesthetics when it comes to their phone’s case!

What happens next? An expensive smartphone lying on the floor with its screen cracked, scratches lining its back and front. You have a lot to lose if this happens – the high costs of phone repair aside.


Tech connoisseurs will say encasing a lovely Apple or Samsung device in protective casing will hide the phone’s design and delicate form. Although encasing your phone in a protective case offers more benefits than disadvantages, the first being damage control.

Buying a good phone case or skin is an viable option but how to still make sure  the sleek design of the phone remains?

This is where a phone skin comes in the picture.

Benefits of Phone Skins

Smartphone users especially those who have iPhones prefer showing as much of the phone as possible i.e. its design and shape. A phone skin helps maintain the shape and design of a device but also protects phone’s surfaces from unsightly scratches.

Vinyl or silicone skins are the best as these items are easily removable and inexpensive to replace! What about the protection of the phone? A phone skin is slightly similar to a phone case when it comes to protection against accidental damage.

You can buy phone skins in a variety of styles and colors – letting your personality shine though with just one choice.  


Good quality phone cases perform well in all departments as compared to a phone skin. One advantage of phone cases stands at top, namely device protection.

A phone case provides maximum defense against accidental screen and surface damage, something a skin cannot offer. Additionally, a good phone case will also protect your phone from the harsh elements.

Depending on your choice of mobile cases, you can also add the aesthetic element to your phone! There are a lot of options available that allow the mobile device to shine through as well because an iPhone is a beautiful piece of machinery!

Your choice will ultimately determine the fate of your smartphone. You don’t want the device to fall and break in the first few months, do you? Look at these smartphone cases for Apple iPhone 8 from Shamo’s Cases and buy the best one for your phone!

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